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Original post by: Levitt Lane ,


Thanks for taking the time to reply to my comment Philip & i'll say that the restart project site you provide link to will be of interest to check out more thoroughly, after this.

The link here is to the particular Holme's fan's manual and the diagram of the where the fuse is housed on the elct. cable-end you will likely know right-off or that is, it's (& i'm still guessing) a 20 mm size fuse?

At any rate, another link to Amazon's where i asked pretty much the question as the same comment here of where to purchase...was either on this link's or another seller's display of the fuse and would it go in Holme's fan..etc..(just as an aside:) i don't have an Ebay acct. but is, of course, excellent source of info. and items, compare or find in similarity, and all that.

I think though, that what i also found was a 250 V fine if the V on the tiny micro size fuse the fan requires is ok or fine to use so long as it isn't the other way around. Therefore, i'll end up finding this fuse if that's the case with more of that voltage, or from what it does appear to be in this pursuit, what I've found more of as 250 V with the 5Amp.    (here's link per the link from the same question as commentary herein, of course):

Shipping shouldn't be too much more than the price of the fuse, well-depending on the package that looks to be more than 1 and may make sense to have at least as back up.

Thanks again and Take Care Man!