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Original post by: Ken Mason ,


Order new port. - Watch video on how to get into phone without breaking stuff. (May need a Wagner heat gun from Home Depot - You should get a kit of nylon micro pry tools, spudgers with new port) - Have low-melting temperature solder (or Rose's metal) as well as fine rosin core 70%/30% lead/tin solder, good flux (or make your own with colophony and 99% isopropyl), flux remover spray and 99% alcohol and tiny brush and cotton swabs. Have good micro soldering iron and tip. Have good hot air rework station and PLENTY of experience and familiarity using it - must be at least 580Watt 100% duty cycle rating. Must understand pre-heat, interpass heat and post-heat requirements with hot air rework station to allow soldering iron tip to flow solder properly. Appreciate that connector plastics melt at just over 220 degrees C. You will be removing old connector with low melting temp solder and hot air workstation. Heavily flux old connector, apply low-melt solder to all pins and anchors of old port with medium sized soldering iron of over 80W / 100% duty cycle rating under 350 degrees C. You will be installing new connector with preheat and micro soldering iron and the 70/30 solder. Do not think low-melt temp solder will have adequate mechanical strength for install. You may need a microscope to really see what you are doing, find and remedy any soldering bridges. This also may require micro tweezers, super-fine X-acto knife, desoldering braid, a solder-sucker for the stubborn through-holes. Install of new port requires NO solder be on any mounting pads or in anchor point mounting holes or on circuit pads - just have only flux there when you place new port - otherwise; you will create aggravation for yourself in getting the port's comms legs to sweat properly to the pads on the board. If it LOOKS good - it IS good. Reassemble with confidence. OR check your work prior to reassembly, but do so only if there is no audience.