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Original post by: Rahul Ji ,


updating my previous post - my suspicion was right.  I installed a new hard drive (just because  i had one), loaded a fresh copy of  Win7 from a CD, upgraded to Win10 through MS website. my problem seems to be fixed now. my laptop is not over heating any more and does not turn off. i used it for a few hours, ran everything i could and still no fan noise, no heating, and i can use it on my lap again. it doesn't burn anymore!!

as a test, i put the old hard drive back into the laptop and within 10min of usage it heated up and turned off. Reinstalled 2nd (new) hard drive with the fresh copy of windows, problem is gone.

i suspected the virus had somehow infected my PC at a level where even a full windows reset wouldn't help as it may have infected the system files etc. it must have caused windows to work over time causing it to over heat.

So the HDD needed to be re-formatted and a fresh copy of windows loaded to solve my issue. hopefully this is of use to someone. i understand each case may be different and mine was the stupid virus.

PS: i used a 2nd HDD just as a test, in case it did not make any difference i could have gone back to the first HDD and solved my heating issue some other way. And while i was opening my laptop to swap the HDD i did check the heat sink/fan, all seemed clean so did not remove it from the CPU.