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Original post by: Rahul Ji ,


i have a probook 4520s with the same problem. my laptop used to work fine, until it was infected with a virus. Defender was unable to remove it, and every time i tried to install a software to fight the virus it would over heat and shut down. i thought it was the virus. so i used Recovery mode to do a clean install of windows. but i had the same problem after booting, it would even turn off while doing the install.  it over heats, fan run at such a high speed it seems like its going to blow out, than the laptop does a cold shut off and kills it self.

i have just reloaded windows and only installed Chrome, nothing else is installed on this PC and i am having the same issue.  i cant use the laptop on my  lap for too long it burns my lap. funny its meant to be a "lap-top" yet you cant use it on your lap. any way, i will go through the cleaning procedure as described above, under the keyboard, remove the fan/check cooling past etc and see how it goes.

I still suspect the virus - i wanted to see if a clean install (formatting the HDD using a CD/USB) would help. the laptop had no heating problem before the infection, and now suddenly its overheating to the point i can smell the heat out of the cooling fan, it smells burnt, ozone smell. is it possible for a virus to infect the system in such a way that even a re-install wouldn't help?