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A few months ago i got a new iPhone and let my friend use my old 5s bc he wanted to try an iPhone and couldn't afford one of his own. At first he used it like a regular phone but for whatever reason it charged him more money for his data so he took out his sim, put it back in his old phone and used it like an ipod. Recently, however he broke his old phone and tried to put the sim in the 5s, and it constantly said "searching" at the service indicator. At this point he was able to afford an iPhone of his own so he bought it and gave me back my 5s after formatting it. I tried to set it up but i got the "your iPhone could not be activated bc the activation server is temporarily unavailable. Try connecting your IPhone to ITunes to activate it, or try again in a couple of minutes" after it tried to activate for a while. Ive tried taking the tray out, putting the my current sim back in, connecting it to iTunes, blowing on the open slot to try to clean it, turning my phone on without the tray, hard restarting it and using it without any sim card in it, and it still continued to say searching, even with both the sim card and tray were out. When i connected it to ITunes, my computer said ITunes for a while, but once it fails to activate iTunes says "The IPhone "IPhone" could not be activated because the activation information could not be obtained from the device." "Disconnect your IPhone, make sure the sim card is inserted correctly and, if you use a SIM PIN, tap Unlock to enter it, and then reconnect your IPhone." I would really like to get my old phone working, at least as an ipod so I could have the possibility of either selling it, lending it to another friend, using it for stuff i don't need on my regular phone, or just have as a back up phone. For any of those ideas, however, i need to at least be able to set up the phone.  My friend did note that it wouldn't update and something i read said that these things were related. Someone please help me out or let me know if you have the same issue. Almost all of the suggestions in this video were done by the phone being able to be accessed.