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Original post by: SuJane ,


There are some tap for your reference, you also can search the internet about how to replace the tablet touch screen.

1.Shut down: long press the power button until the machine is turned off.

2.Open the back cover: Check the sides of the tablet around, is there some small screw fixed use the tools we ship to open.

3.Remove the motherboard: After removing the back cover, find the touch screen cable, usually a thin one, gently lift or pull the buckle, do not need to force, if you force, you may open the buckle in the wrong way.

4.Separation of bad screen: the front frame and the combination of bad screen, is glued together, need to be separated. You can use the hair dryer, a little blow on the back of the bad screen. Make gum hot, easy to remove. But can not blow too long, feel the temperature by hand. Avoid blowing too hot, plastic deformation of the front frame. After the glue is heated, it can be gently separated, both with force.

5.Test: The new screen cable gently into the cable outlet, press the button, slowly flip the fuselage.