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Original post by: Tristan van Triest ,


Cut wires on screen assembly, don't know where they go


Hi there guys,

I bought some used MacBook pro's today, for parts, and I managed to have one working one. But I have a screen and some other stuff left, which could make up a second working one.

The only problem is, the screen has some cut wires on the left side and I don't know their purpose. Are they needed? Could I just leave them disconnected?

If I can't leave them disconnected, where should I put them? Can I just solder them to the required board, and where?


I've got two different daughterboards, I don't know which is the correct one for this screen or laptop.


The cut cables


Which is the correct one, the bottom one is longer on the right and has place for a connector, the top one doesn't.

To summarize: I don't know if its a screen from a 2008 model or an earlier model, because they differ slightly. I suppose it's from the T7400 2006 Model, because the cables differs from my 2008 Penryn MBP.


MacBook Pro 15" Core 2 Duo Model A1211