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Original post by: Lena Fox ,


Touchscreen malfunctioning after a while


Lately I've been having problems with my Asus T100TA.

I notice the Asus T100TA tends to register "wrong touches" if anyone gets what I mean,

I don't know how to word this properly but at random it goes registering a touch at the middle top of the screen, when I try to remove it by putting my finger on it, the 'wrong touch' goes moving down (And I'm unable to use my trackpad to move the cursor), it disappears temporary after a forced reboot (Holding the power button for 10+ seconds).

I can confirm there's no dust or cracks causing it (I've even replaced the glass and screen itself, double-checked the connectors),

I'm not having this problem on my other Asus T100TA however, the only difference is that this Notebook uses Windows 8.1 and the Properly functioning one uses Windows 10 Education.


Asus Transformer T100