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Original post by: Philip Le Riche ,


This is indeed a weird one!

One thing you haven't changed is the CPU. Maybe Windows uses certain instruction set extensions that Linux doesn't bother with. I presume both Windows and Linux are 64bit (or both 32 bit)?

This laptop is 5 or 6 years old so maybe you could get a replacement CPU (or entire motherboard) relatively cheaply, but you have to be scrupulously careful in reapplying the heatsink thermal paste or you'll end up with the opposite problem, of failing when it gets hot!

An interesting experiment would be to download and run Speedfan from and look at the CPU temperatures. Then go into the power settings and set it to the lowest power mode. Does it then crash when the CPU temperature drops below a certain level? Is it always warmer when you eventually manage to boot it up from cold?