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Original post by: Matthew ,


Only shows 1% battery after screen replacement


Title says it all.  First time seeing this with an 8 or 7.  The phone was working fine (as best I know) with the cracked screen and was around 50% battery.  After screen repair, the battery percentage stays at 1% (Even with a new battery with full charge).  There is no visible damage to any board components.  The phone was powered off and the battery was unplugged before unplugging anything else.  When plugged in, the phone detects it was plugged in but never shows the charging symbol.  The phone pulls up fine in a computer.  While plugged in, it seems to reboot pretty often (every couple of minutes).  The phone stayed on overnight without issue while unplugged while still only showing 1% battery.  The phone also doesn't seem to go into DFU mode.  It just reboots every time I try.  It will go into recovery mode, but fails a restore with error 9.  From recovery and regular mode, the phone will go through the update without issue.  This sounds similar to the issue some people had with the 5S after accidentally damaging one of the resistors next to the battery plug, but I wanted to reach out to see if anyone else had seen this issue.


iPhone 8