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Original post by: Michelle ,


I contacted “Apple Support” in regards to the above matter.  I have an iPhone 4 that hasn’t been used in a long time but worked until one day when it asked me for the PUK code. At that time, I had no idea what the code was and didn’t lock my SIM. So, I tried common numbers me and my family would use (I gave the phone to my dad and thoght he may have unknowingly locked it.). He uses the same number for amost everything. Hence,  I entered  the number but it was not correct.  So, I put in other numbers used by me and my family. I guessed wrong too many times and got locked out for 25 million minutes.

Years have gone by and a friend was in need of a phone. So, I decided to try to fix this problem.

I did all of the above along with trying do a factory reset. Nothing has worked.

So, I called “Apple Support”, I told the “Support Technician” the problem and then asked about the PUK code. She didn’t know what a PUK code was!!! She advised me to connect to iTunes through any computer and reset the phone to factory settings. I had no luck.

The laptop I connected the phone to via iTunes is long gone.  I told support that I would Google “PUK code” and see if I coukd find a soloution.  After googling it, I discovered that there is a default PUK code for my phone carrrier, AT&T.

Wish, I did this years ago prior to just guessing numbers.

I remember restoring the phone to factory settings and shutting it off. A few months later, I lost my iPhone 6 and wanted to use my 4 until I got a replacement through insurance. Upon turning it on, it said PUK locked enter code to unlock.  This is when I got locked out for entering the wrong code too many times.  I shut the phone off.  It sat in a draw for years, until last week. didn’t turn it until last week.

I have tried removing the SIM, rebooting it, etc. I can’t figure it out.

If I activated the SIM under my At&t account would it fix the problem?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Or do I have to wait 24 million minutes to enter the default code?

The phone was reset to factory settings years ago..

If I try to use iTunes it request the Apple ID and password which isn’t  associated with that phone.

Could I access and resolve the lock out time by using any computer to sign  into my old iTunes account that I used with that phone?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.