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Latest Version HDD SATA Cable Replacement 13"


Hi there,

@danj and @mayer   and @itamazing  and anyone else - I was hoping you can direct me to what is the latest SATA cable model for a 13" Macbook Pro 7,1 with SATA III capability enabled? I understand the newer cables are thicker and denser, so I am assuming a 2012 model cable would be retrospective for my Mac in question? I did see on the other posts that there is backward compatibility, but I am assuming this does not extend to the cables subject to a 15", is that correct?

Based on my research I've seen people saying the following:

821-1226-A = even older

821-1480-A = original --> been told some work and some don't?

821-2049-A = new

821-2480-A = does this exist? newer?

@mayer   you mention part #604-07597 is the latest, is that correct? is that 821-1480-A?

So all in all, What is the LATEST cable part # in respect for a 13" with SATA III capability? Where would be the best place to buy? I'm based in Australia.

Appreciate the help and clarity guys!



MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2010