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I'm going to send it back and determine whether or not Chefs Choice fixes the problem correctly. They fixed like New.  I don;t want it returned "that stage 2and 3 are now putting more edge on the right side of my knives and not very much on the left and leaving me with very dull knives". I really like the product and want to believe they stand by their products. I;ve been very pleased with the Chefs Choice Edge Select 120 Plus.

I've recommended it to many personal friends and to many professional peers in the restaurant and catering business. I've been thanked by everyone of them and it felt great recommending this product. In turn they have recommended to folks they know. I've even touted it as one of the best investments I've purchased for our business at all the "shows" we attend in the southeast to New York and Food Festivals we pay to enter. Please don't let us down.  Respectfully, David Des'rochers    Look us up on