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Original post by: Adrian ,


Can't install Sierra High on MacBook Pro 2012 SSD - tried several SSDs


I've just upgraded my Macbook Pro 2012 Hard Drive to SSD drive and can't install the macOS. I format the drive with disk utility and it all goes fine. Go to install and installs it but towards the end of the installation comes up with a message that there were errors and try reinstalling once more.

I've tried severl different SSD's manufacturers and same thing. I'm running the install from  USB current version of macOS Sierra High.  I have done 100's of ssd upgrades but this is the 1st one with this issue.

When I try to format the ssd again I get errors. This once comes up often on several ssd's:

* Mounting disk
* Could not mount disk0s2 after erase
* File system formatter failed.
* operation failed. 

Has anyone run into this problem?


MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2012