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Original post by: Josef ,


Battery indicators always lit


Hello, recently I got JBL Charge 3 bluetooth speaker. Everything is fine except one thing. Battery indicators are always on. All 5 of them. Even in the JBL Connect there's always full bar. I was using it all day and when I came home I charged it. When I put it to electricity only 2 leds were lit and third was blinking. After some minutes all 4 leds were lit and 5th was blinking. The 5th led is blinking endlessly.. Everything works fine except the indicators... I will try to completely drain its battery and recharge it and I'll also try resetting it(power button and volume down). When I got it, it was charged to 4 leds and it was draining( only 3 leds left after some time). I put it to charge and I updated the firmware and leave it to charge. After some time the 5th led was still blinking endlessly but when I took off the charge cable it had 5 leds lit, those were still lit after 3-4 hours of usage...


JBL Charge 3