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Original post by: Victor Cavazos ,


Holly cow I have about 8 controller since I have 3 Xbox ones  and one of those is the X and other is the S and since the X just came out I couldn’t  even make the headset to work coming out of the box .. so it ain’t the controller it has to be  a software issue .... now just today 2-6-2018 I plugged in the headset again to one of the controllers that it was working and guess what it didn’t work .... 2-8 controllers can only make the headset work the rest are done but I said let me update this controllers for the 100th time with the headset plugged in just one more time.....and guess what “ updated and now I have 4-8 controllers that can use the headset... now I haven’t updated the rest because I want to play NBA 2K but I will update on the other controllers if I ever find this thread again in my lifetime