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Original post by: Berco Beute ,


I have exactly the same problem. The weird thing is that when I keep an external display connected it NEVER crashes, whatever I do. In that case it only crashes when the display goes to sleep. It seems things go wrong when using the integrated graphics.  I've tried but that doesn't seem to work on this macbook pro.

I've posted the message below to other fora. No useful responses except that it's likely some issue with the logic board. But since it keeps running fine with an external display this strikes me as odd.


MBP retina, 15", late '13, High Sierra

My MBP constantly crashes within 10 minutes. First the screen goes black, then the fans start blowing and finally the MBP turns off completely. When I restart there is normally no mentioning of the crash or an option to send a crash report, only once it said it crashed and mentioned a kernel panic.

Strangely enough the MBP does NEVER crashes when I have an external display connected (4K via mini-display port or HDMI port).

This made me suspect that the internal graphics card (Intel Iris Pro) is broken, since an external 4K display would likely be using the external (or 'discrete') GPU (NVIDIA GeForce GT 750 M). I'm not even sure if the internal graphics card can be broken, but I tried to force the MBP to use the external card by turning 'Automatic graphics switching' off (preferences>energy saver>automatic graphics switcher). That doesn't fix the problem. I also tried a tool called gfxCardStatus but seems to be buggy and incompatible with MBP's > 2011.

Another weird situation is that after reinstalling High Sierra, the MBP worked OK for about half a day. After that the problems started again.

The question is how I can figure out what the real problem is, and how to solve/avoid it. Any help would be highly appreciated.