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Original post by: Linda ,


Mine is the magic bullet 900 and it did not come with a rubber gasket either.  I called customer service today and they said that every unit has a built in rubber gasket in the blade.  Mine never came with one.  The warranty is a year and by the time that I discovered this, it was out of warranty, but I called customer service and they gave me a discount on a new blade assembly (they send a whole new assembly since the rubber gasket comes built-in).  Mine has been leaking from the area where the blade assembly meets the clear container where the food goes since I got it as a gift for Christmas December 2016.  I like someone else wrote, have tried everything to get it to stop leaking.  I have tightened it as hard as I could to the point where I have had trouble getting the lid to twist off after blending. I have used less liquid.  I have tried using just a little bit of everything.  I stopped using ice or anything that it might have trouble blending.  Nothing has worked.  You can see the liquid come bubbling up through the blade cap as it blends and then when you take off the unit, it has filtered through the base and made a mess onto the counter.  A couple of times, if I didn't catch it and stop it right away, it has bubbled over and sprayed the walls.  Fingers crossed that this works!!