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Original post by: Charlie ,


My Surface Book display started with the yellow spots, then the display started to detach from the frame. I noticed the display frame was getting warped.  After about three weeks I couldn't detach the display from the keyboard and discovered that removing power from the keyboard would shut down the computer. I figured out how to manually remove the display and discovered the display battery was not charging and when power was removed from the display only, it would shut down. It would work on battery, but since it wouldn't charge I didn't do that. It was at that point I sent it in for repair. It was an expensive repair, but I now have a like new Surface Book.

My theory was that the fan failed in the display (I'm assuming there is at least one) and the display would overheat leading to all the problems. I can't prove that as I never got a report on what was wrong, but I do know my display would get very hot to the touch at times.