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Original post by: Larry Holmes ,


I have the same problem.  The difficulty is there is no generally available documentation to use to troubleshoot the problem.   I have tried a few things but I don't have "THE" answer.  I will share what I do know.

The computer was plugged to the charger and used only occasionally for about 12 months.  After that, when I turned it on, it would not power up.  It was in a stable place and was not moved for a couple of months before I attempted to turn it on.  I tried the usual stuff when it would not turn on but it didn't respond.

Because I really like this computer and I cannot afford a new one, I need to "repair" it if possible.  I found a motherboard which I bought for only a few dollars, but it was also dead!  Caveat emptor!  (Sp?)

I examined the board and found several surface-mount fuses.  They all checked good.  I carefully examined the wires, board traces, etc., but did not see any obvious problem.  I plugged in the ac adapter and traced the voltage with a voltmeter, as far as I could, without knowing where it went, or which parts were power supply parts.  I was not able to find any lower voltages, so I concluded that the power supply was not operating.  That doesn't prove the power supply is the problem-if the problem is in the "on/off" switching for example that will prevent supply from turning on.

Without documentation to further troubleshoot with, I am stuck with just "guessing" and checking to see if I guessed right!  I will continue to try.  I am an electrical engineer, and prior to that I repaired consumer electronics for several years, so I can guess with a little bit of skill, but it is still guessing.  If I find anything, I will make and post a guide here, but I will put the answer here first, as it will take me a while to do the guide.  I have been ill for several years so I am pretty slow!  But I'll certainly share what I discover (if anything).