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Original post by: rion ,


My JBL Flip 4 won't power on


To be clear I have a JBL Flip 4, but the flip 4 wasn't listed in the categories...

When I plug it in, it shows that the battery is charged, all lights are white, and the last one blinks to show that it is charging that last little bit. But this is the only sign of life. I've tried holding the power button for 30 seconds (a recommended re-set technique), I've tried powering it while plugged in and while not plugged in. I plugged it into the wall, into my laptop- same thing every time.  I tried a "fix" on this site that said to plug it in, and immediately remove the charge chord, and press the Bluetooth + button, and the Play button at the same time.  But this is supposed to power down the speaker, my problem being that it never turns on.

my speaker is less than 6 mo old.

Any help would be great!!!


JBL Flip 3