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Julia Goede there is but it is not easy. You would have to take the whole display panel apart. It can be done but it is tedious. You would have to be organized to keep the screws for the frame as well as the diffuser sheets strictly organized. It looks like ( sorry but some of the images are a bit fuzzy) like the diffuser sheets are a bit bend. Those are "translucent plastic pieces" that diffuse the light. The multiple round lights in the middle of the screen are from a light you used to take the pictures or are those showing from inside the panel. If so then some of the caps may be off from the backlight LED's. Again, if you can take the complete panel apart, this can be fixed. If you are up to it, let us know. Take plenty of pictures for each step so we can follow you along and give you advice as needed. You can post your pictures with your question y using this guide [guide|21499]