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Original post by: Philip Le Riche ,


There's a very good disassembly guide for this camera: [guide|55677]

Removing the back including the hinged screen should be pretty easy. Reinserting the ribbons in Step 10 may be a bit fiddly and may require tweezers, but you ''will''  succeed with a bit of patience.

It doesn't describe how to disassemble the rear panel but it shouldn't be too hard. Take great care of any springs so you know how to refit them, make lots of notes about where screws come from, and keep them separate as there may be several sizes. You may find a loose connector, or maybe a ribbon bonded directly to the LCD, in which case a little bit of packing inserted behind it to increase the pressure may be sufficient to fix it.

But if the worst comes to the worst, put a watch on eBay for one advertised as "spares or repair" but with a good screen. Lens errors may well be much commoner. A swap-out should then be pretty straightforward.