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Original post by: Mitchell Garlach ,


Chalk the rear wheels pull the driveshaft support the tail shaft of the transmission and take the crossmember out.reach in the side of the transmission case and disconnect clutch linkage also remove the shift linkage inside the cab on the transmission tunnel, remove the bellhousing bolts, slide the transmission towards the rear of the truck off of the alignment dowels. Now you're flywheel is exposed with your whole clutch back bolted to it. Move the clutch fork and throwout bearing  they remain inside the transmission housing, remove clutch pack from flywheel. insert Arbor alignment tool into crankshaft in the center hole of the flywheel line up the new clutch disc pressure plate on top of the flywheel perfectly centered. Bolt on clutch cover. Remove Arbor alignment tool do not forget to replace throw out bearing. Adjust the clutch Fork to its proper place. Lineup transmission with the dowels on the back of the block. And reassemble make sure that the input shaft goes into the clutch disc pressure plate align transmission case with shift linkage sliding transmission on two dowels on the back of the block and reassemble

PS  it would be wise to replace your flywheel or at least have your existing flywheel turned while you're at it.