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Original post by: Nick Emmanouil ,


Bios and post black screen but screen works in OS (internal screen)


Hi I today replaced a broken screen on toshiba satellite c50-b-14h and the most strange thing that i have ever seen happened. So here is goes. Everything is connected correctly BUT when i power on the laptop i dont see post screen, or toshiba splash screen or uefi but if  i wait a little the os loads up and everything works fine. The screen works in OS but not in bios. Its like the bios i missing drivers for the screen or they cant co-operate to set up resolution. But windows does open correctly. i ve tried to change bios display options via system setup (toshiba tool) , if i set to vga, i can see the bios in the external screen . If i choose auto or system lcd only i see nothing. Is there any work-around to fix it ? .

p.s. it's not fast start up issue

thx in advance


Toshiba Satellite