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Original post by: Jason ,


Hi, here are some photos of the screen/lcd cable replacement that we have recently completed for our customer

Ok so some very important points THIS IS AN ALUMINIUM FRAME!!!!!!!!!! So be extremely careful when undertaking this repair!

Use a heat gun/hair dryer at low settings to heat up the glue that is used to attach the aluminium bezel, this will help to separate the glue and help to keep the bezel from bending as much as possible. GO SLOW, trust me you do not want a bent and buckled bezel as it will be nigh on impossible to fix properly and you will end up having to buy a replacement!

After you have heated up the glue use a pry PLASTIC!!!! pry tool/credit card to slowly slide under the bezel, we started at the top to minimise risk to any wires at the bottom area where we expect to see lvds wires, wifi wires etc.

We then moved all the way around both sides and freed the majority of the bezel, then we were able to open the bezel down and away from the LCD slightly to see the glue at the bottom part of the bezel and freed that gently with a razor, now that we could see the wires it was safe to do as knew we couldnt cut any wirers GO CAREFUL and you will be fine.

Below are some pictures of the bezel removed and you will clearly see that ours is still slightly bent but after using high grade 4965 TEAS double sided tape and some pressure clamps the finished job is 99% so very happy

hope this helps someone