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The first step is to unplug the washer, you will plug it back in later. At the back of the top panel on the washer there are three screws that hold the lid on. Remove the screws and then push the lid back about 3/4's of an inch, the lid will them be able to be lifted off. Look at the area where the cord that plugs into the wall enters the machine. There will be a small module that the cord goes into. Follow the wires from the module to the main control. Using a multimeter set to Volts AC, you will test for voltage at the connection point on the main control board. Carefully plug the machine in and test for the voltage, being careful to not short the wires or test probes to anything on the chassis or neighboring wires. It should show 110 VAC, or very close to that. If not, unplug the machine from the wall outlet and move back to the module where the cord enters and inspect the wiring and make a check there.