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Original post by: Jithin ,


I am having the same trouble with my lenovo k3 note ,its not a big matter as everyone said...I fixed this problem my self in a few min..Probably phones with li-on batteries are having such problems. I will tell you the steps which I had followed to fix my phone

1. I removed the battery first and Make the phone and battery alittle warmer by using a cotton(even a blanket)

2. After that I placed my phone in a blanket which will make the phone warm for a while.

3.And I used a multi charger to charge the battery directly for about 30 min..The  I switch on the device ,then I found 3% charge on the device ,first I thought the problem is didn't solved yet....

Then I charged the phone using a charger and used it for while during charging... Now  I am not finding any "low battery heat issues"... Its works fine...Try out these guys..I hope it will work for you too..