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Original post by: Andrew D ,


Yes that procedure must be followed for 7 series since ios 11. I have done a few since ios 11 no problem Aftermarket screens will work. The problem appears to be just with the 6s. (not sure about 6s plus as I haven't had one come on yet since ios 11). I'm hearing some after market screens will still work with the 6s but am not sure which ones. From what I understand Chinese manufacturers are aware and already know what needs to be done for the 6s screens to work with iOS 11.  I'm sure the new screens that will be coming out of China will work fine. It would be very sick of Apple to prevent 3rd party parts to work on their phones. No other industry does that. Imagine if you could only buy parts for your Chevy straight from the gm dealership and otherwise your vehicle wouldn't start. As if making like an 800% markup on their phones and all the app store purchases isn't enough.