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Original post by: Al E ,


I had a replacement screen on my 6s and it immediately failed after the iOS 11 upgrade. This morning I went back to the mall kiosk I bought it at. The guy takes my screen off and puts another of his new replacements screens out of a box and plugs it in. Nothing. Without putting the phone together he takes another new one out of the box and plugs it in and this one works. HOWEVER, within about 30 seconds he touched the motherboard where the screen plugs in and said "this isn't good, it's really hot!" and told me to feel it. I felt it for myself and said, "you're right, just put it back together so I can run over to the Apple store! Two hours and $150 later I was up and running again.

Apple wanted to talk about resets and restores and this and that and I just said, none of that is necessary, just put on OEM screen on this thing and it will come back to life. All is well. It reminds me I need to back up my phone more often! Early indications are I think with iOS 11 we are in store for much shorter battery life. Seems the phone is working harder at rest. Frankly, I have no idea what is new about iOS 11. Best to everyone!