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Original post by: Neil Hester ,


I've had a text from 24719 on my phone for weeks now and nothing makes it go away. It's always up by my notifications, and opens itself every time I turn the screen back on. I also think it has somehow been making my apps stall, freeze, and run slow. And that's all without even loading it.

My dad has a completely different phone and different carrier, yet I found out he had the same "update" required. He figures the only way to get it off the phone is a bfft u.. factory reset which looses all your info of course.... but I'm not so sure that would even work. Here's why....

Last night I broke my phones screen by mistake and had to buy a new one today. As soon as I had service it didn't even take 10 minutes and I got another text from my anonymous pal at 24719...

Somebody please tell me how to remove this notification from my phone!!