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Original post by: TomB ,


Home Button causes LCD to shut off when I connect it to Motherboard


I recently got a 6 Plus, i replaced the Digitizer and Lcd,everything was fine. Now it seems to have a home button issue. the actual home button was fine and salvaged perfectly, but the ribbon cable that connects to the home button was broken. I ordered a replacement backplate shield with ribbon cable attached it seemed to be pinched(at the top of the shield where the ribbon comes out to plug into the board when i got it) I installed it to see if it would make any difference. The touch id does not work which is not my issue(It is the original home button, not original backplate and ribbon) Everything seemed to be working normally for a couple hours, until i noticed a bright spot on the top right corner of the screen, so to be safe i took the phone apart to see if i could notice anything out of the ordinary;which i cant. THE PROBLEM IS- when i went to put together my phone the lcd will only come on if i leave the home button unplugged, if i plug it into the motherboard the screen will not come on.I checked for anything behind the back plate and found nothing, so i closed it up and put it back together. if leave the home button disconnected the phone starts normally but have no access to home button since its not plugged in. When the home button is connected the LCD will stay black, and cant be fixed in recovery mode, it gives me "error 4014"Any ideas what this could be? THANKS


iPhone 6 Plus