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Original post by: Harvey Trussell ,


Hey I was asking about the same thing.but I had a little different type of problem.its still consists of USB port.I had mine Grand Max 3 charging in my car with the right cord and an adapter plug to my lighter.well all of a sudden smoke started coming out of my phone USB port.i quickly unplug it held it up in front of the AC until cooled off the cord melted and the charger tab was black and toasty.i called 15 local phone repair places.not a one would even look at it for me .sorry some people are a_- I scraped off most of the black and I tried to charge it I set a ashtray on top of the phone and let the Port end hang over the edge about 1inch.then }luged up the cord bent the cord attached a rubber band around the cord then stretched out the rubber band and hooked it to something made the back of the cord where plugged in pull down make The inside connection force up and  my phone charges my not work for anyone else or u may have to be a crafty redneck to get it to work.jus playing I have done 2 ZTE these way it's cheap matieral .