Original post by: Doctor Dan ,


I own the same drive....

Use a standard screw driver (medium length, small size).

Insert into the small gap between the black side panels and the front bezel (it is almost impossible to maintain a perfect aesthetic look with this procedure).

Work the screwdriver under the side panel and it will start to pop up and release, expect strong resistance as it was designed to not be serviceable.

Remove all 8 screws, then use the screwdriver blade to wedge open the front & rear covers (carefully).

The aluminum body is a single extruded hollow piece.

The rear cover houses the SATA interface or the drive and is attached by the LED wires to the front cover (be careful).

From there, you can do the rest and change out the drive to any other SATA drive you want.

Use caution on the USB data connection, gently squeeze the metal housings on the end to SLIGHTLY compress the connection.  This ensures a stronger connection and helps reduce intermittent connection issues and data drops.....

Good Luck