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Original post by: Gregory Harris ,


Hello Kaye,

Defective display assembly, flex cable or pin damage and improper seating can all be causes of ghost touching.

Temporarily hook your display to the logic board and power on your phone without seating the display within the housing; simply hold the display up above the phone while connected and see if you experience ghost touching. If not, then the cause is likely from improper seating - maybe a cable is being pinched or the metal backplate on the LCD is touching a component in the phone  where it shouldn't. Even look for a loose screw that may be lodged somewhere in the phone. Also check to see if the EM shield that covers the proximity/front camera flex cable is in the correct orientation.

I have found when replacing the iPhone 7 display that the metal backplate doesn't always like to sit flush around where the cables.  Reassemble the display into the phone making sure everything fits properly.

Hopefully your replacement part is good and there is no connector damage. Likely, something is misaligned and causing an electrical short that disrupts the digitizer.