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Original post by: Iams MR ,


'''Hi, I have a computer in parts right now, it stopped working and had a broken connected, a "fox conn''' cable that runs to the internal hard drive which has been removed.. Now it has to cables for the internal one broke and the other I removed.

While tearing apart my ps,3"" power surge blew it out, infinite blinking light off death..?? I noticed the battery was a 3volt same as the Panasonic inside the Mac, ps3 is newer

So I figured would fit and work tried to install after looking and comparing, just won't sit where it should. Decided to leave original in so placed it back now it won't stay on... Keeps falling out.  Tried tape and still won't stay firm. CPU now has blinking light after slow start and then speeds up. Could be due to aftermarket fan speed app...


Tried keyboard resets..

Any other answers?