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Original post by: Minho ,


Hi Jenny. Here are some answers to your multiple questions:

* Parts are not interchangeable between the 5 series, the 6 series and the 6S series.
* The logic board "IS" the phone so if you have an issue with it, putting it in another phone housing will not change anything.
* The only way to recover data from an iPhone (other than via a backup) is to get the phone working nominally so that the data can be extracted via software...unless of course you spend a million bucks like the [|FBI did in San Bernandino].
* You did some good troubleshooting by removing the screen and ruling out the battery is a safe assumption at this point.

Your best bet is to have the phone looked at by a reputable micro-solderer. They will diagnose the phone, usually on a no fix/no fee basis, and determine if the phone is fixable or the data recoverable.