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Original post by: oldturkey03


@zuesflute2 no you cannot. they are all soldered to the board and require special tools and knowledge to remove and to reball etc. They are also linked to other parts on the board. the only way to get your information off is by trying to repair your phone to a point it stays on long enough to download those files. Otherwise consider them lost. Never use parts from a water damaged phone in your new phone, you stand a big chance on shortening out your new board. The battery is the LCD are definitely a lost cause, do not reuse those at all. Try to clean your water damaged board with 90%+ isopropyl alcohol and a soft brush. check for any missing, charred or otherwise damaged looking components. Post some images of your water damaged board and let us see what you see. For that post the images with your question. Use [guide|21499|this guide] for that