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Original post by: Kalim Sheikh ,


Disable Auto Off feature?


Hey Everyone,

TL;DR - Can I disable the auto shut off feature? If so how?

Let me paint a picture of my set up. It is quite cool tbh. I am using my A33 as kitchen speaker, but I wanted to use it via Google Home, so purchased a GoogleCast Audio device and plugged it into the aux jack. I keep the A33 connected to the power(with the battery in the "off") position and only use the AUX input.

As long as the speaker is in AUX mode and powered on, everything works as expected, but I noticed that after some time (30min?) the speaker shuts down by itself if nothing is playing.

Since the googlecast audio has a separate power source my google home thinks its available and can cast music to it, but since the speaker itself is powered down I get nothing unless I push the button to turn the A33 back on.

This issue is annoying and preventing me from placing the speaker on top of my cabinets(ideal location based on my kitchen) since I have to push the power button pretty much anytime I want to use it.

Quite annouying, but is there a way to disable this auto shut off feature?


TDK Life on Record A33