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Original post by: denization ,


I'm really glad I found this thread. I got an early 2008 imac 24". I already bought a BCM94360CD card. But I got two questions. First, I can only find u.fl to mhf cables of 8 cm length on ebay - would that be long enough for an early 2008 imac 24"? Or is there another source for purchasing longer cables? I can only find this one seller on ebay.

Second, I don't know which miniPCI express to M.2 adapter to buy. There is always something about keys, and I don't get from which side to count the pins. Does the BCM94360CD have 6 pins or 12 pins, i.e. do I need an adapter for key B or key E, or something different? Would appreaciate hints! Thank you.