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Original post by: jackster12 ,


I had exactly the same problem. Thanks to this thread and similar ones around the web, I managed to fix it and it seems like it will hold. What I did was follow the these steps:

1) Shut the computer down completely and close the lid.

2) Lie it flat and carefully scrape away old glue on the exposed hinges.

3) Mix a full-strength two-part epoxy (it's stronger than super-glue).

4) Use a toothpick to carefully apply this to the exposed hinges.

5) Press the closed lid into it's correct place and wipe away any excess epoxy.

6) Using a cloth, two thin pieces of wood, and a '''loose''' wood clamp (or a heavy book) keep it pressed into position until the epoxy fully sets (up to eight hours). Make sure, of course, the clamp is only tight enough to hold it in place and no tighter.

A day later and it looks as good as new. I've seen elsewhere that you could just use super-glue and holding it together for 10 minutes, but this fix above seems more permanent.