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Original post by: lesliewillmers ,


Because the touch/lcd is fixed to the lid with double-sided tape around the edges, I found it impossible to remove the unit without cracking the extremely brittle touchscreen layer.  However, once the touch/lcd was out, it was quite easy to fit the new unit, fixing it in place using replacement tape. I wouldn't touch this unit again, but if I were forced to do this again, esp where I needed to preserve the existing display, I would first remove the whole lid from the base - remove the bezel at bottom (clicks apart) - undo the two screws at the bottom of the touch/lcd which holds the unit in place along the bottom edge - part the lid from the touch/lcd along the side seam - maybe prying it open just a few millimeters with a suitable plastic tool, then separate the tape from the touch/lcd and lid using a sharp blade before moving on to the next section, working slowly around the unit until it is ready to lift out of the lid.