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Have already forgotten about my 2009 ACD 24",  it was standing around and getting dusty for 3 years now  since it gets dark screen - thought thats it, no more spendign money, no time and no idea how to fix it ... In the last days I decide to give it a try after reading all yours comments and promising results. thanks for that!

When I bridged the resistors together R0821, R0804, R0896 and 3.3V it starts flashing like some described before... So I remembered this fault behaviour is shown by LED elsewhere when  flashing is caused by overheating. While I disassemble the LG LCD unit, I was astonished about some sort of soot on the screen inside, maybe because of the mirror foil was getting crusty, baked all around the thin aluminium rail with LED on it...

Finally I decided to connect the 3.3V to the resistors separately. R0821 and R0804 are still flashing, but it works well for R0896! In conclusion only one of the 3x20 strings on the LED-rail will work, thats not that bright but sufficient and great for night shift.

Has anyone thought about replacing for a 12V-strip (60-LED-3528) ? Similar to someone's mod for older ACDs with CCFL-lamps I found on the internet