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Original post by: Jimfixer ,


Dont know what you've tried but lets start with the basics and work out  from there . Lets do a static discharge first . Remove the battery and unplug the power adapter once thats done hold down the power button for 60 seconds . now reinstall the battery , plug in your power adapter and  try to power on. If you find no joy we can move on the the ram . remove the ram cover plate or the back depending on your model . then remove the ram and reseat it . then try to boot the laptop . if no go then remove one stick of ram and then try to reboot if that doesnt work switch the ram around so you have the other stick in and try to boot . If you still have no joy try the ram in different dimm slots . If you still have no boot then remove the back cover and check the power at the power port with a multi meter. look for broken solder joints at the plug inspect the plug to see if it may be the problem . It may be a good idea to check the power adapter  to see if its actually charging the battery. This will give you a good place to start looking once done this contact use and we can take you further into the laptop. could you also supply use with more info like does the fan spin up? do you hear the hard drive spin up? are any of the LEDs on the laptop lighting up? or is it completely dead ? Try these then if you have no joy answer these and we can get back with more help