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Original post by: Julie Thomsen ,


Mine does the exact same thing! and it's a period thing, so it's not every time i turn my mac on after sleep or shutdown but its like 50% of the times....and i really don't know what to do...the apple reparation team can't find the error on my mac so they can't see the problem....i have tried SMC, PRAM and all that stuff....also reinstalling the OS X system, but it only works for like 3 days or less...i'm getting extremely nervous and mad because they can't find the error even though i have described it for them and my mac is only 11,5 months old so it's still under the guarantee but i had to pay a lot of money for a freaking SMC reset, and i told them that i HAD tried SMC reset 25 times but it only works a couple of hours or so....i'm really mad because it's like they wouldn't help me and they don't believe me when i say that there IS an error....please help me!!!!!