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Original post by: Scott


multiple possibilities.

1) LCD Failure. If the LCD has had damage to it, there will be no images on the screen. (Replace)

2) Disconnection. If the screen, or battery is disconnected, then reconnecting them, and cleaning their connectors would fix the issue.

3) Overdischarged battery. The battery may be discharged to the point where it is not recognisable as a battery. Disconnect the battery, and apply controlled voltage/amperage power supplie to the battery itself manually. Do this for approximately 10 minutes, reconnect the battery, then try charging it normally.

4) Bad battery. Battery may be failing and need replacement.

5) Charge port. Your charge port may no longer be giving your battery the correct charge, and need replacement.

6) Bad mother board. Your motherboard may be failing. repair costs on these are more expensive than they are usually worth repairing, and i would suggest replacing the device at this point.