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Original post by: Chris Estoc ,


For those of you that think sony might want you to buy another PS4 in another place to get there products sold more, is not fully the case here. I know it could say Universal, (meaning the PS4 should work everywhere) but that's not how companies work these days. Think about it, what if it "did" say Universal? You wouldn't know what's recommended, so what if you need to replace the easiest and simplest thing in your PS4, but you need the exact Voltage, that would mess up your day... not to mention your PS4. But I know that it "could" say "this PS4 is universal, but 120V is recommended," but sadly they don't have that these days. They don't expect you to take your PS4 everywhere you go, (which is pretty stupid because what to we do 24/7?) they put the voltage number based on where it was made.

'Hope this comment was helpful to anyone