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Eric, give this a try. I had identical problems after changing my batteries. Very frustrating but keep working with it. The first step is to to perform an iPod reset after you've completed the hold switch. To perform a reset, press and hold the following combination of buttons for 10 seconds: Menu and Select (Select is the center button)When you have performed the reset, you'll see an Apple logo. Let go of the button combination that performed the reset. Now hold down the Fast Forward and Rewind buttons at the same time. This forces your iPod into disk mode. If the iPod fails to mount restart the computer. Now that it's in disk mode, the iPod should say "Disk Mode" at the top of the screen and "OK to disconnect" near the bottom. The computer should now read the iPod. If it doesn't, try another USB or FireWire port.To get the iPod out of disk mode reset the iPod again. Let us know if this helped and if it made a difference. Good luck