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Original post by: Fox754 ,


iPod is having problems booting


I recently got a couple iPod Classics off of craigslist (I like tinkering) and I seemed to have put life back into one of them. I know that there is a problem, I'm just trying to determine if it is the Logic Board or the HDD.

When the HDD is installed right side up: I plug the iPod into a outlet or my computer and the screen flickers, the apple logo is dark, and then fades to black.

When I install the HDD upside-down: the iPod's brightness is at 100% and it looks like it is starting to boot with the apple logo. However, after about 30 seconds or so it gives me a red x with the web address to apples support site.

Something that is worth noting is that one of the three devices batteries was NOT an original and I believe it exploded as well. One of the units does not respond at all so I'm assuming it goes to that one, but if this information helps someone I don't want to leave it out.

Thank you!



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