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Original post by: Russ Roldan ,


We have GEProfile Arctica Refrigerator. It just suddenly stopped  dispensing water.  It's due for water filter so it was changed but still not working. Noted freezer bottom has formed ice. It was removed.  I unplugged the ref and placed portable heater on the floor in front of the freezer door. Make sure you do not overheat the  area. Keep a good distance and test by touching. Do not leave heater unattended while doing this. After few minutes, placed the heater at an angle hitting the dispenser area. Do not overheat. I gently inserted a straightened paper clip in the dispenser opening  to make sure it is not clog.  Few minutes after,I saw drips of water from dispenser( good sign). After about 30 minutes, I plugged in ref and the water dispenser is working.  So folks, it works for me. You may try this but again do not leave heater unattended and place a good distance between heater and the ref. Do not overheat. Good luck.